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At Superior Crop Insurance we understand your risk because we are producers ourselves and take the same risks you do every year. Our goal is to always keep you informed. Below are some options that are currently available for you to consider.

Livestock crop insurance oklahoma

Are Your Cattle Covered?

Don't take a risk on prices this year. Let us cover your cattle risk with a Livestock Risk Protection
Call Scott (405) 205-0061 or Bryce (405) 564-4692 today!
Upcoming Deadlines
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Deadline to report your wheat acres for harvest is January 16, 2024.
 This includes barley, canola, rye, triticale and wheat.
Contact Scott or Bryce today!
Crop Insurance Oklahoma

March 15, 2024 is the deadline to short rate your insured wheat. If you have insured some wheat and decide to hay or graze it, contact Scott or Bryce to short rate those acres.

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