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Multiple Peril Crop Insurance

Comprehensive protection against weather related causes of loss and other unavoidable losses for most crops. This coverage provides protection against low yields, poor quality, late planting, prevented planting and cost of replanting depending upon the crop.

Coverage is available at 50 to 85% of the actual production history (APH) for each farm covered. The level selected will determine the yield guarantee. You as the producer, have the option of electing an indemnity price from 60 to 100 percent of the Federal Crop Insurance expected market price at the time of purchase. An indemnity is paid for each bushel or pound that your actual yield of your insured crop is below your guaranteed yield due to insured causes of loss.

Deadline to sign up is September 30, 2019

MPCI Info on News 9

Scott talks with Ron Hays on News 9's "In The Field" about wheat sign up. 9-24-16

FAQ's on MPCI from RMA

More Info on MPCI
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