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Pasture, Rangeland and Forage Insurance

PRF is designed to protect you from hay and grazing losses due to lack of rainfall. It is based on precipitation (rainfall index). The policy allows the producers to insure all or part of your acres. You can select the coverage levels, index intervals and productivity factor.

***Deadline to sign up for PRF is
November 15, 2020.***

PRF Fact Sheet From RMA

Click below to see RMA's information on the program.

OSU Fact Sheet

Read what the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension has published about the PRF Program.

More about PRF

November 3, 2016 on the "Beef Buzz" Scott talks with Ron Hays

crop insurance oklahoma

Scott talks about PRF with Ron Hays on the Oklahoma Farm Report and In the Field on Channels 9 and 6 in September of 2016. 

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